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Fetch Falcon OLED Laser Golf Range Finder Up to 2500YD (Third Generation, 6X Maganification High Precision, Slope Mode with Scan) Pole Flag Locking Vibration

Fetch Falcon OLED Laser Golf Range Finder Up to 2500YD (Third Generation, 6X Maganification High Precision, Slope Mode with Scan) Pole Flag Locking Vibration

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Brand: fetchfalcon


  • The Golf Laser rangefinder has Transparent Red OLED display for day and night use,Red high transmittance OLED featuring red reticle and readouts, with a side button to adjust brightness across five settings for clear images in dark environments; simplified interface with range and mode buttons auto-adjusts brightness to ambient light conditions.
  • Transmittance is up to 75%. Compact, lightweight (0.38lb) design with polymer housing, eyecup, and diopter adjustment, perfect for hunting or archery in harsh, weather-resistant conditions; scan mode provides range updates and RangeLock reports last range result for distant targets
  • Slope Indicator Light with Advanced technology modes cater to golfing, hunting, and archery, including distance, horizontal and vertical distance, and speed measurements, as well as flagpole and golf trajectory compensation modes.
  • Ultra-fast ranging (0.1 seconds), long distance capabilities (For High Reflective Target up to 2500 yards), reflective OLED display, premium optical quality, and advanced technology modes for various applications.
  • The integrated magnet feature enables effortless and secure attachment of the rangefinder to a variety of surfaces, ensuring convenient access and usage during various activities.
  • The Golf Rangefinder provides the option to measure distances using either line of sight or angle-modified range calculations, catering to different user preferences and situations. It allows for distance measurements in both yards and meters, with a Y/M resolution feature for easy conversion between the two units.
  • The Laser rangefinder is designed to function efficiently within a wide temperature range, from -20°C to 50°C, ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions and environments.
  • The OLED rangefinder is designed with a rubber grip covering that not only improves comfort during use but also enhances handling, making it easier to hold and operate. Additionally, the rubber covering increases the device's durability, ensuring it withstands wear and tear during various activities.
  • The rangefinder features ergonomically designed controls that are strategically placed and shaped to provide an intuitive and comfortable user experience, making it easy to operate and navigate through various functions and settings.
  • The rangefinder is equipped with the groundbreaking LightWave technology, which enables it to deliver the fastest and longest distance measurement capabilities currently available in the market. This advanced technology significantly enhances the device's performance, making it highly efficient and reliable for various applications.

Details: As everybody knows, we moved the others' cheese, the poor reviews are unfair. This is the reason: All of us would like the products of high quality and affordable price, nonetheless, things are counterproductive; Fetch Falcon, emerges at a historic moment, Onboard Products Inc, owned factory in China, located and designed in Vancouver Canada, is committed to making optimal products and reasonable price to lovely North America compatriots.

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